Daylighting is the Top Strategy for Improving Occupant Health

Survey Says!

Dodge Data & Analytics’ Smart Market Report “The Drive Towards Healthier Buildings 2016  975 Construction and 122 health professionals from 45 countries were surveyed to investigate the attitude of industry players towards the impact of buildings  and building design on occupant health:

“Daylighting is currently the top strategy for improving occupant health, with the highest percentage reporting it as a frequent feature of their buildings and as a specific building practice they often employ.”  Daylighting is the strategy used by the highest percentage of architects (89%) of any of the 14 included in the survey.

Top Outcomes Expected From Consideration of Occupant Health and Well-Being*

Harnessing the Power of Daylight

“As time goes on, even in fog, even North facing, we keep noticing how truly remarkable your product is!”  ~ San Francisco architect

Architects, owners, and interior designers use daylighting and accessibility to outdoor views as a strategy in order to positively impact occupant health. SerraLux daylighting technologies are designed to bring the power of daylight inside to improve our homes, schools, and work spaces with more of nature’s gift of natural illumination.

And, we’ve teamed up with Madico to offer a complete solar control solution that enhances Daylight, preserves the View, and manages Heat and Glare.



SerraView Smart Daylighters

SerraView™ Smart Daylighters

SerraView™ Smart Daylighters  is a new and exciting active daylighting product for windows. They have the physical appearance of transparent blinds, however rather than block light, they draw in large volumes of glare-free daylight upward and deep into the interior (as seen in the photo below). Built-in fully autonomous sun-tracking system provides optimum levels of natural light throughout the day. Paired with Bluetooth technology lighting levels can be customized room to room.

Before & After – Enjoy 100% Free Natural Daylight with SerraView Smart Daylighters!


SerraGlaze Daylight Redirecting Film

SerraGlaze® Daylight Redirecting Film

SerraGlaze® Daylight Redirecting Film is a see-through, single film applied to the interior surface of the window. This thin, flexible, recyclable acrylic film contains micro-structured “louvers” that converts harsh glare (as seen in the photo below) into beneficial illumination by redirecting the incoming daylight upwards (photo above). The ceiling becomes a natural light fixture spreading full-spectrum natural daylight downward and throughout the space.

Why blast staff with glare?  Apply SerraGlaze Daylight Redirecting Film.