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Commercial renovations are a large market right now, with many companies turning to update their offices to make them more inspiring and inviting to employees.

Productivity can be something that many businesses need to overcome, especially in offices with multiple employees working in close quarters. We want to set our employees up for success, and the best way to do that is to help them through the office’s layout.

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Natural Light Improves Our Well-Being

Excerpt from: February edition of the London Chamber
David Willetts is championing the cause of natural light in the belief that it improves people’s mind sets and health. He is the chairman of SerraLux, a company founded in 2012 which has created SerraGlaze®, a see-through film applied to the interior surfaces of new and existing windows. The film contains micro-structured ‘louvres’ – thinner than a human hair – that help convert harsh glare into beneficial daylight by redirecting the incoming sunlight upwards whilst maintaining a clear view out of the window.

“As awareness around well-being grows, so too will the awareness around natural light and its role in improving employee satisfaction levels.”

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SerraGlaze Enhances Daylight in ZNE Office Complex

I recently had the pleasure of interviewing Andy Bush, Principal at Morgan Creek Ventures and a visionary who, in concert with the Rocky Mountain Institute, designed a Zero Net Energy (ZNE) leasing structure. The net-zero lease model is a profound way of sharing the benefits between landlord and tenant while incentivizing all to reduce operating costs.

Boulder Commons is the first large-scale multi-tenant ZNE designed building requiring every tenant to sign a Zero Net Energy lease.

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Green Schools Brighten Up!

Schools continue to request installation of see-through SerraGlaze Daylight Redirecting Film* to naturally brighten the classroom while cutting glare. Studies show properly day-lit schools reap marked benefits for students by offering an healthier and more enjoyable learning environment:
– Reduces absenteeism
– More attentive and alert students
– Improves test scores
– Increases vitamin D fostering student growth and health
– Positive mood in students and lower noise levels

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