SerraGlaze Expanded Product Line

SerraGlaze Select & SerraGlaze Diffuse

 Bob Ford, CEO

“Many factors affect daylighting performance, such as building design, weather, location, and orientation.  SerraGlaze has expanded to a family of Daylight Redirecting Film products with important new Daylight, Glare, and Vision control features.”   
       SerraGlaze Select
       SerraGlaze Diffuse

About SerraGlaze Daylight Redirection Film

SerraGlaze Daylight Redirecting Films harvest daylight by redirecting sunlight towards the ceiling and deeper into the room. The ceiling becomes a natural light fixture; illuminating the space with more desirable beneficial daylight.

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Sweets RFI

SerraGlaze Select 50/60/70

– tunes Daylight to the needs of the space
– further Glare reduction
– frit look preserves crisp View out

SerraGlaze Diffuse

broader distribution of Daylight inside
– further Glare reduction
– soft look for added Privacy 

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