Excerpt from: February edition of the London Chamber

David Willetts is championing the cause of natural light in the belief that it improves people’s mind sets and health. He is the chairman of SerraLux, a company founded in 2012 which has created SerraGlaze®, a see-through film applied to the interior surfaces of new and existing windows. The film contains micro-structured ‘louvres’ – thinner than a human hair – that help convert harsh glare into beneficial daylight by redirecting the incoming sunlight upwards whilst maintaining a clear view out of the window.

“As awareness around well-being grows, so too will the awareness around natural light and its role in improving employee satisfaction levels.”

“We need to encourage thinking which recognises the importance of daylight on our bodies, and our environment and strive to educate the next generation about the benefits.  Instead of blocking light out we should manage it to reduce our dependence on artificial light during the day.

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