Our premier product, SerraGlaze Daylight Redirecting Film is a single acrylic film applied to the interior surface of the window.  Serraglaze contains micro-structured “louvers” that convert glare into beneficial illumination by redirecting the incoming daylight upwards to the ceiling; with the ceiling becomes a natural light fixture spreading full-spectrum natural daylight throughout the space.

SerraGlaze redistributes the daylight, reducing what can at times be overwhelming amounts of daylight near the window redirecting it much deeper into the room. The result is reduced glare and more desirable daylight deep into the space. Rather than the 50:1 light level with standard glazing, SerraGlaze results in light levels typically less than 10:1 and frequently as little as 7:1.

daylight window film

Scaled model showing SerraGlaze Daylight Redirecting film hung above 7′ in the left side space. There is only Plain Glass in the right side space. To mimic real life, “blinds” are hung below eye level.  This photo above was taken at 12N and is representative of the illumination differences throughout the day.  Light coming through SerraGlaze is redirected towards the ceiling and deep into the space then diffused downward onto the desktops (compare the diffused natural daylight on the ceiling, walls, carpet, and desktops).  On the Plain Glass side, the sunlight simply goes directly downward onto the desk as high-level glare.

 As a comparison, the lux measurement on the desktop 15′ from the window on the SerraGlaze side (the 2nd desk in from window) measures ~63% higher than on the corresponding desktop on the Plain Glass side. And, on the desktop 25′ from the window lux measures 74% higher on the SerraGlaze side. Most evident is that throughout the day a higher, more evenly distributed and comfortable level of beneficial natural illumination exists in the SerraGlaze space.

Seen here, SerraGlaze is installed on the Upper Left Window only.  When glare enters the lower window, even blinds installed at the top of the window can be adjusted or closed and daylight continues to illuminate the room and the need for electric lighting is minimized  


SerraGlaze Daylight Redirecting Film Brochure (PDF, 5Mb)

SerraLux Daylight and Glare Control Films (PDF, 2Mb)

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