SerraGlaze® Daylight Redirecting Film offers the ideal solution to enhancing daylight through windows; illuminating the room with more desirable daylight while preserving the view out for the occupants.  The SerraGlaze technology of microscopic louvers redirects sunlight upward where the ceiling redistributes daylight deeper into the room.  The full spectrum natural light from daylighting improves the indoor environment for the health, well-being and performance of the occupants while saving electric lighting energy.

 SerraGlaze® Daylight Redirecting Film (time-lapse)

daylight redirecting film

Harvesting more daylight by applying easy-to-install SerraGlaze Daylight Redirecting Window Film onto new or existing windows replaces the need for costly light shelves or other expensive and sub-optimal solutions. For demonstration purposes, 2 panels of SerraGlaze were installed on the upper portion of the window Click on the photo to see a time-lapse video of SerraGlaze at work over a 6 hour period. (in October At latitude 37° 20′ 21″ N). SerraGlaze redirects natural daylight upward to illuminate the interior, providing longer periods of natural lighting throughout the day.

SerraGlaze® Select  and SerraGlaze Diffuse – New!

Daylight and Glare Control Film

Many factors affect daylighting performance, such as building design, weather, location, and orientation. The SerraGlaze Daylight Redirecting Film family of products has expanded to offer the ability to tune the daylight to the specific needs of the space and occupants for maximum comfort.  These films include  important new Daylight, Glare and View control features designed to attenuate the daylight and reduce glare.

Download  SerraGlaze Daylight Redirecting Film Brochure (PDF, 5.5Mb)

Download SerraLux Daylight and Glare Control Films Brochure (PDF, 2.1Mb) 

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