“SerraGlaze is so good, I thought I left the lights on and had to double check. Clearly something’s working really well!”

Harwell Campus, United Kingdom

“SerraGlaze is one of the best examples of enhancing the use of daylight!”

Net-Zero development Boulder Commons, Colorado

“Employees sitting quite distant from the windows can now sense a passing cloud, and feel a connection to the exterior environment!”

Kilroy Architectural Glass, NY

“It took roughly 8.6 seconds to win the architect over for one of the schools.  This stuff is hot, they love it!”

Architect in New Zealand

The film is a hit here at Powerhouse! …We added SerraGlaze to our tours and are getting great response from visitors!”

Colorado State University, Powerhouse Energy Campus

“Even in fog, we keep noticing how truly remarkable SerraGlaze is!”

San Francisco architect