SerraGlaze Installation
SerraGlaze® Daylight Redirecting Film is a PET film containing a multitude of microscopic internal light shelves that enhance the daylighting performance of the window while permitting near normal views.  Click to download useful documents for successful installation.  If you  have any questions, please do not hesitate Contacting us.

Due to the redirecting properties of the film, SerraGlaze is hung above eye-level in the clerestory position or upper portion of a view window.  Installation can be done on the interior surface either at the factory or on existing windows.

The film is available in both see-thru (SerraGlaze Select) and privacy (SerraGlaze Diffuse)  versions. As a specialty film, unlike typical window film which comes in rolls and is cut on site, we deliver the product custom coated, pre-cut for each window, and ready to hang, saving time on installation.

  • Important – Due to the internal structure of the film, care should be taken not to apply undue pressure to the film, ie. do not use suction cups on top of the film during installation of windows.