William Lam’s book Perception and Lighting as Form-givers for Architecture stateslight has always been recognized as one of the most powerful form-givers available to the designer, and great architects have always understood its importance as the principal medium which puts man in touch with his environment”.  Our mission at SerraLux is to provide our customers with the highest quality daylighting technologies along with outstanding service at an exceptional value.

We also aim to provide an abundance of useful information relative to daylighting and energy conservation.  Below are resource links and studies provided by various experts in the field of green energy and daylighting which we hope will be helpful to you.

Changing Perspectives on Daylight – Science, Technology, and Culture 2017

Green Architecture FlipBook – The latest trends and news in green architecture.

Daylighting Glossary – LBL Design Guide

General Benefits of Daylighting

Worker Performance and Productivity Benefits
Health Benefits 
Higher Property Values and Energy Savings