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Commercial renovations are a large market right now, with many companies turning to update their offices to make them more inspiring and inviting to employees.

Productivity can be something that many businesses need to overcome, especially in offices with multiple employees working in close quarters. We want to set our employees up for success, and the best way to do that is to help them through the office’s layout.

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What Defines Your Paradise?

What if we could create a sense of paradise inside our workplace throughout the year; providing the best sensations to our bodies and minds?  Exposure to natural light while seeing a peaceful world around you creates such a sense.

In the workplace, making the environment more comfortable while stimulating our bodies creates a work environment that is proven to promote creativity and increase productivity. To create a more idyllic workplace, we should examine the elements that help one get that sense of paradise.

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SerraGlaze is a “Hit” at Powerhouse!

“The film is a hit here at Powerhouse!”  We were thrilled to hear this reaction to the installation of SerraGlaze Daylight Redirecting Film at Colorado State’s Powerhouse Energy Campus.  The use of a non-invasive window film–in lieu of bulky light shelves–for daylight harvesting is one of several benefits along with:

* A well-lit space with less glare
* Unobstructed views out the windows
* The ability to retain a building’s architectural aesthetics
* A work environment conducive to the health and well-being of occupants

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Natural Light Improves Our Well-Being

Excerpt from: February edition of the London Chamber
David Willetts is championing the cause of natural light in the belief that it improves people’s mind sets and health. He is the chairman of SerraLux, a company founded in 2012 which has created SerraGlaze®, a see-through film applied to the interior surfaces of new and existing windows. The film contains micro-structured ‘louvres’ – thinner than a human hair – that help convert harsh glare into beneficial daylight by redirecting the incoming sunlight upwards whilst maintaining a clear view out of the window.

“As awareness around well-being grows, so too will the awareness around natural light and its role in improving employee satisfaction levels.”

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