Author: chergen

What Defines Your Paradise?

What if we could create a sense of paradise inside our workplace throughout the year; providing the best sensations to our bodies and minds?  Exposure to natural light while seeing a peaceful world around you creates such a sense.

In the workplace, making the environment more comfortable while stimulating our bodies creates a work environment that is proven to promote creativity and increase productivity. To create a more idyllic workplace, we should examine the elements that help one get that sense of paradise.

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SerraGlaze is a “Hit” at Powerhouse!

“The film is a hit here at Powerhouse!”  We were thrilled to hear this reaction to the installation of SerraGlaze Daylight Redirecting Film at Colorado State’s Powerhouse Energy Campus.  The use of a non-invasive window film–in lieu of bulky light shelves–for daylight harvesting is one of several benefits along with:

* A well-lit space with less glare
* Unobstructed views out the windows
* The ability to retain a building’s architectural aesthetics
* A work environment conducive to the health and well-being of occupants

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