Using daylighting to illuminate interiors helps people work, learn, perform, and heal better. It maintains circadian rhythms for healthy sleep cycles. Best of all, daylighting saves money. (Artificial lighting accounts for 35-50% of the energy consumption by commercial buildings.)

At SerraLux, our mission is simple—to bring the power of daylight into the commercial buildings where we all work and live. Our new daylighting products, SerraGlaze® and SerraView(TM) harvest daylight from outside, reduce glare, and redirect the daylight so it can illuminate the entire room—all while preserving your view out the window. (Oh, and did we mention it saves money?)

But to make our mission a reality, we need your help, which is why we’re launching a Kickstarter campaign. Product installations are already underway for SerraGlaze, but we must accelerate manufacturing. Meanwhile, we’ve completed our SerraView prototype and it’s working great—so we need resources to speed commercialization.

Share this with anyone you think would be interested in harvesting daylight—and support our mission to make life a little brighter!