Imagine getting the corner office with the amazing window view?  You’ve made it! All the hard-work. Moving up the ladder from the mail-room, to marketing assistant to VP. Quite the journey and lots of ups and downs. However, what has stayed consistent is the need for balanced and healthy lifestyle by enjoying the daylight coming into the office (and your walks at lunch to get some fresh air).

recent article on CNN noted a study done by Ivy Cheung, doctoral candidate working in Dr. Phyllis Zee’s laboratory at Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine.  The study said exposure to natural light during the workweek tended to inspire people to exercise more. Workers with a window were also better rested: Those with windows got 46 more minutes of sleep a night on average, and the ones without windows had more sleep disturbances. Wow! Very interesting data and matches up to our product SerraGlaze’s purpose: occupants can enjoy more daylight, have reduced glare, and maintain their connection to the outside world with a view through the windows.  What are your thoughts? Do you believe the data from this study? How can you improve your office-space?